The Great To-Do List for Azumi

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The Great To-Do List for Azumi

Post  Homu on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:52 am

Guidelines by priority.

A: More facts for Azumi
This means the ones who played the scientists. Basically, Azumi needs a "skill-set" and a "Stats page" in a non-literal way.
Here are my guidelines. She most likely was raised with science. To which degree, I do not know. Probably not too much, Looking at Who's characters.
She is, therefore, likely a more realistic thinking person (which is why Nichijou confused her, instead of humor her, perhaps.).
Her maturity is likely affected by that. Gotta think of how she will be when angry.

B: Side Characters/Secondary Characters
Optional for Octie, Mandatory for myself, Bjorn and Karthusin.
We need a few characters to fill the void, and populate the area. Keep in mind that some may be affected more by azumi's aura than others.
It depends on health and frailty. Do not be afraid to cause drama by using that fact. Never forget who Azumi is, and how unusual she is.
Recurring characters often add familiarity to a setting. They may also make the RP more fluid, because more different viewpoints and reactions.
Suggestions and ideas: Relatives of your characters, people from their work, friends (they have to have some friends.) , school stuff (for Jin).

C: Azumi And the Apology
Like B, but characters that will possibly (but not necessarily) not appear again. And probably just be improvised.
Guess I'll have to figure out how to find them with RP than planning it here. This here is so you are all aware of this.

D: Creativity
The city, and prefecture, is ours. I will consult Octie to decide the details of the geographical location.
Creativity means if one wishes, one can play a small faction of sorts, like, a gang, or something that is not too large.
Why not too large? Because Azumi RP plays in the past-tense of the "Modern" setting, which means that there is a chain of events that allready happened.
If something major were to happen or be revealed, it would change the future. Though, maybe they just never saw it in their news, or ignored it, so that point is not 100% valid. I'm just trying to be as secure as possible.

E: Jin immersion for Octie
Optional. It may improve your "synchronity" with Jin, as in, you might have an easier time to play his character when you merge with it.
It's a deep topic in "ethics of roleplay" and I allready explained it to you, if you remember.

F: Guidelines
These are "ideas" and "guidelines" and may be changed at your leisure.
Improvisation and plot twists (that make sense) are the true core of good RP.
Do not take this list too literal.

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