Gregildian Jungle

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Gregildian Jungle

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:46 am

Location: East of the Whispered Plains
Typical for the region: Specialized military personnel and resources

There have been many tales spoken by foreigners about the horrors of the Gregildian Jungle. While it is relatively safe to travel through due to pre-made routes, straying from them is the same as forfeiting your life. They are a harsh jungle filled with dangerous plants and wildlife. While certainly a breath-taking sight within, it'll take one with hardened experience in survival to be able to enjoy the sights. This jungle is home to some of the most deadly poisons known to living things (some undiscovered) and the same goes for wildlife. It is difficult to believe that a race of beings calls this place home.

The Gregildians are a race of wasp-like humanoids with a drastically small number of populace. What they lack in racial size, they make up for in sheer power. They are the smiths that have created some of the most brutal military tactics and devices ever to grace the battlefields of Adrila. Upon hearing their survival could be maintained through the Xillidi, they willingly joined the cause, under the guidance of House Roda'Craan and Barash the God of Fury.

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