Mosophor Fiefdom

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Mosophor Fiefdom

Post  Octie♥ on Sat Jul 28, 2012 9:39 am

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Typical for the region: Rare minerals and fine clothing

A swamp-like area governed by the Xillidi. In truth, it used to be a region ruled independently by the Mosophorians, a race of creatures that resemble spiders. They are still mostly indepedent, but their leader Amora became a vassal for House Cryxilla in exchange for necessary resources and protection.

The fiefdom is composed primarily of a large village called Strapplebrooke. It is a village on stilts, suspended over a trecherous swamp. While the fumes emitted by it are merely unpleasant, the swamp matter itself is corrosive to the touch. Only structures wrapped in the silk of Mosophorians are able to permanently withstand its effects, hence the stilt like structure of the village. The reason for deployment here was simply because the Mosophorians had acquired the talent to create valuable, precious resources from the swamp that could be found nowhere else (or of the same quality anywhere else). The Xillidi noticed this and entered a feudal agreement with them.

Their trade is open to most other races, and they seem to be kind-hearted towards humans. Overall, the Mosophorians are a peaceful race, despite hostility being held towards them because of their allegiance and appearances.

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