The Whispered Plains

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The Whispered Plains

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Continent: Old World
Region: Northern Plains

Once a lush, tranquil paradise landscape that was heralded as the most peaceful place in the Old World, now it is an active, thriving artificial landscape ravaged by the passages of time and the Xillidi.

It is a massive, mildly hilly plateau with wasteland-like ground, but it has a decent amount of vegetation (some small trees, bushes, etc). The most notable sight is the towering capital city of the Xillidi situated in the center, Hive. The city itself takes on a very alien-appearance, appearing as a series of connected chambers and structures protruding out of a crater in the ground, giving it the appearance that it exploded out the ground. In truth, the majority of the city extends underground.

Around the city perimeters, various burrow entrances and outposts can be found on the outermost rims, and plantations can be found getting closer to the city borders. The outermost outposts are military lookouts, while the plantations are the source of foodstuffs that require sunlight to be produced. All of these facilities have burrows that lead into access tunnels linking to the main city.

The city itself is comprised into three sections: The Hightown, Midcity and Depths. The Hightown is the city complex situated above ground. It is composed mostly of amenities and facilities for use by Xillidi populace and tourists/foreigners. This is the place where most trade and tourism takes place. Midcity is where the industry develops and thrives, as well as being the primary place for housing. Most business hubs can be found here, and most manufacturing processes also. Foreigners have access into these parts, but only when on official business. Military operations and education also take place in these regions. The Depths are the deepest recesses of Hive, where the members of Houses Cryxilla and Roda'Craan reside, as well as certain other high ranking personnel. Nobles also reside down here, and the area is off limits to foreigners; entry into them is punishable by execution unless permitted by a higher member of either House.

Despite its secluded location, the plains have trade routes connected to the Ji'Shun Highroad that lead to [Port City] and Adrila, as well as [Asian Kingdom] and [Gothic Kingdom].

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