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Lanissa Vermont

Post  Octie♥ on Mon Jul 23, 2012 1:53 am

Age: 16
Gender: Female
Race: Human (?)
Occupation: Royal Gardener
Residence: Adrila Castle
Height: 132cm
Weight: -


Ready for duty!

-Talkative (With those she's familiar with)

-Her presence is able to keep plant-life healthy.
-She can apply healing (or poisonous) effects of plants through her magic.
-Can identify almost any plant that is brought to her, and the types of effects it may have.

Hobbies & Talents:
-Likes to dance and sing to herself.
-She seems to like to play flutes, but usually just uses grass-whistles.
-Apparently, she's also a good swimmer.
-Amazing knowledge of plant-life and properties of them, and can also create many types of remedies and potions from them.

-Has a mysterious emblem in her left-eye, consisting of a cross in a circle. Everything about it is unknown, and she is sensative to being questioned about it.
-The plant-life that appears on her attire appears to be real, and they seem to regrow when broken. She also dislikes them being touched.
-She gets very tired at night time, even if she slept through the day. She also gets tired if she remains indoors for too long.


Favorite Food: Various berries, Rice
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Animal: Hummingbird
Favorite Music: She likes pieces performed by harps and similar string-instruments
Favorite Color: Green

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