Brydon the Exile, former Prince of Adrila

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Brydon the Exile, former Prince of Adrila

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Full name and title: Formerly Prince Brydon Bordegrath of Adrila, now only Brydon.
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Occupation: Exile
Residence: Outside of Adrila.
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 74 kgs unarmoured; in armour, 85 kgs armoured.


Brydon has inherited many of Arrendal's warrior sides, but he is also sociable if he wishes; something he has from his mother. He is a skilled swordsman and an adept commander, having trained under both his father and Adrila's generals.  However, he has little interest in being a king, and expresses this whenever the topic comes up.

Recent events have shown him capable of remarkable cunning, however, and he almost fooled the entire kingdom.

Brydon's weapon is a sword. He wields it with one or both hands, depending on the situation, and skill is the primary factor of his swordplay.

Magic affinity:
Brydon, unlike his father, doesn't suffer from lack of depth perception.  His magic has manifested itself differently for him, working better along with his swordplay. He is capable of creating simple, distracting flashes from his blade, and later make himself disappear entirely from the sight of those beholding the flash.

Traits and flaws:
Brydon is struggling with the impetuousness of the young, often catching himself hoping to charge into the fray and turn the tide of battle on his own. He has managed to uphold control over this urge so far, but it is often there.  He is, however, much easier to talk to than some of his siblings, despite his often bold manner.  He has a reputation for doing his tasks as a prince, but sometimes appearing in a hurry for something.

His greatest personal flaw is a slight short-sightedness when seeing the grand picture of things. He is an excellent warrior and tactician, but as a strategist, he has yet a long way to go.

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