Camilla Magica - Christmas presents

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Camilla Magica - Christmas presents

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Listed in sequence of opening.

Mariann - Shin'Ichi: Necklace, chain as thick as a pencil
Mukuto - Ahri: Soaps
Anne + Jacob - Camilla: Atlas + photo album
Camilla - Shin'Ichi: Wristwatch
Ahri - Mukuto: Silver ring with a yellow/orange stone in it
Mukuto - Mariann: A box of chocolates
Shin'Ichi - Ahri: A glass stork
Camilla - Mukuto: Set of Lego
Mariann - Camilla: A deep violet winter jacket
Ahri - Shin'Ichi: A pair of glasses.
Mariann - Mukuto: A pair of long-sleeved gloves
Mukuto - Camilla: A silver locket with their soul gems and written down "Friends forever, Camilla & Mukuto"
Shin'Ichi - Mariann: A valkyrie figurine
Mariann - Ahri: A miniature Mjolnir
Mukuto - Shin'Ichi: The book "Tales of the Wistful Watchman: The Abyssal Locker"
Ahri - Mariann: A silver ring with a white stone in it
Shin'Ichi - Camilla: A striped scarf, golden and purple, and a travel diary, purple with golden trim, and a silver pen.
Camilla - Ahri: A bathrobe
Shin'Ichi - Mukuto: A toothbrush set
Camilla - Mariann: A necklace shaped as a viking helmet
Ahri - Camilla: A gold-embossed ring with a purple gem in it
Camilla - Anne: A Japanese fan
Camilla - Jacob: A silver tie needle
Extra package for Mukuto: A large marzipan bar

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