Arrendal, King of Adrila

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Arrendal, King of Adrila

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King Arrendal

Full name and title: King Arrendal Bordegrath, Conqueror of Adrila
Age: 65
Gender: Male
Occupation: King
Residence: Adrila Castle
Height: 195 cm tall
Weight: 103 kgs (without armour. Fully armoured he is close to 130.)



As the king of the Old World's greatest warriors, Arrendal is naturally a fine example of the sort himself. Knowing fully well he serves as an example to his people, he has allowed honour and fairness to guide his actions ever since he set out to conquer the entirety of the Adrilan basin. Even when he lost his queen Milena, he didn't shed a single tear in public, even though he would trade his throne and kingdom to have her back; he refused to show that he was weakened, because his people too grieved her loss. His capability to lock down his feelings, and his reluctance to display them, left him a poor father, however; his sons and daughters were raised almost solely by their mother, and the king, even in private, struggled to talk to them about personal matters, a problem that only grew as the years passed.

Weapons: Arrendal's weapon of choice is a mighty spear, one that he wields with a deadly precision and great strength. More on this below.

Magic affinity: Arrendal's greatest magic talent is his mastery of perception, despite having only one eye. Because of this, he is a master with the spear, and a challenge for any knight in the kingdom. It also shows in more subtle ways, and is a great boon to have when dealing with foreign diplomats.

Traits and flaws: Arrendal is a great king, but his talents are limited to ruling; when it comes to things like comforting a hurt child or looking after something else, he is not the man to go to. As a result, his people see him as a great ruler, but somewhat distant, unlike his late queen Milena.

Arrendal lost his eye when he and his fellow rebels, now his generals, rose up and forced their way into Adrila Castle and seized the kingdom for their own.

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