Ikusaki Azumi

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Ikusaki Azumi

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Name: Ikusaki Azumi

Age: 14 pre-timeskip, 16 past timeskip

Gender: Female

Occupation: None

Residence: Apartment in NYC post-timeskip

Height: Centimeters

Weight: kilos

SCP-1169-D Description

Item #: SCP-1169-D
Object Class:
Site and Personnel Requirements: SCP-1169-D is to be kept in a three-room cell sealed with glass and 8.5 inch concrete walls, and furnished with whatever is requested by the researchers assigned to SCP-1169-D as long as it does not violate standard SCP procedures. Subject must not be allowed outside of the cell at any time whatsoever. Personnel entering and leaving the cell environment must go through routine decontamination and vital scans before proceeding. Upon discovery of oddities in personnel, they are to be re-directed to ██████ for [DATA REDACTED]. Organic matter can be taken inside if permitted by researchers, but no organic matter is to be taken out of the cell at any time unless it passes aforementioned routine procedures.
While permitted personnel are allowed within the cell, under no circumstance are any personnel to make direct contact with the subject, unless they are equipped with specialized protection. Any personnel that make contact with SCP-1169-D are to be terminated immediately.

Current containment is unknown following the disappearance of SCP-1169-D. See Addendum for more details.
Subject currently is contained within Site ██.

Description: SCP-1169-D (Real name A████ I█████) is an asian female appearing to be within the age of 14-15 years old. Subject has purple hair and similar color eyes, is ██ meters in height and ██ kilograms in weight. Apart from the hair and eye color deformations, subject shows no out-of-the-ordinary visible physical characteristics. Subject displays all basic needs of a normal human being. She was found in ██████, █████. She was recovered and put into containment immediately after discovery.
At all times, SCP-1169-D radiates a field of energy that halts all growth of biological matter and reverses it, effectively decaying any kind of biological matter within proximity. The effects of this are gradual, and only prolonged exposure to the subject will have outstanding effects. From tests, it has been discovered that any contact with SCP-1169-D or fluids from her body will result in a much more potent strength of the effects, which has proven to be in most cases lethal. Blood tests have shown that the subject is in fact immune to her own power. Through testing, the cell degeneration is shown to affect any biological matter, whether it be native to Earth or otherwise.
No medicine or cures have been found to work against the cell degeneration; research and development into possible vaccines is ongoing.

Test Logs:
Under the order of O5-█, all test logs regarding SCP-1169-D are to be omitted from all personnel except those assigned to the research and containment of SCP-1169. Unpermitted possession of aforementioned data will result in confiscation of data, followed by termination.

Following an incident regarding [DATA REDACTED], all personnel within the containment facility of SCP-1169-D experienced [DATA REDACTED], resulting in complete casualties. Following the incident, SCP-1169-D has been proclaimed missing. Under the explicit instruction of O5-█, SCP-1169-D is to be decommissioned from the SCP database and presumed as terminated. All data regarding SCP-1169-D, the incident and personnel of Site-██ is to be terminated as soon as possible. Use of Class A Amnesiacs is permitted against personnel who question further about SCP-1169-D.


Badly sized image with focus on her legs.

A moment where the power went astray. The sickly mist/aura is only for visualisation. It's actually an invisible effect, only the symptoms are visible.

In emotional distress, likely due to her power having done something.

Withering all.

A hoodie she was given

Also Casual


More Casual

-Self loathing
-careful and paranoid

-Suppressed Decay Aura
-Advanced Decay Aura
-Decay Immunity
-Advanced Digestion (Theorized)

Hobbies & Talents:


Favorite Food: Cotton Candy
Favorite Drink: Melon Juice
Favorite Animal: GODZILLA
Favorite Music: "Bollywood" Music in particular
Favorite Color: Purple

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