Traces of a Dream (A WIP World)

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Traces of a Dream (A WIP World)

Post  Who on Wed Aug 31, 2011 12:25 pm

Yakana Rin
A young blond girl, with the ability to cast magic.

She learned spells from pure luck. Singing along with a religeous song and accidentally casting a spell at the age of 9. It simply created a light source. After this event, she tried to get more information for "Spells" and "Magic". At the age of 10, she found what she was looking for, a magic book of spells. Stored away in the humor section of the public library.

Shes 13 years old now, a normal middle schooler.
She goes to school, hangs out with friends and lives the normal life. When she is home, she practices magic. One day she finds a spell to improve hearing, she tries it out in the morning right before school. She says in english: "Leave me speechless with the sound of life."

She walks to school, hearing everything that happens around her. People whispering, talking to eachother, nature, animals. Everything is crystal clear. Once she arrives at school she heads for her classroom like every other day. The day starts like every other day she goes to her friends and has a nice talk.

The teacher enters the classroom and for the rest of the time. Everything is silent, but not for the spellcaster girl. She hears everything that happens outside the class, she smiles.

Once the class is over, she quickly stands up and heads towards the bathroom.
Her friends waits in the hallway for her to go outside for lunch.

She washes her hands, then suddenly hears her friends being bothered by delinquents and quickly walks towards the scene. She witnesses a delinquent getting slapped by her friend. But as a result she was punched against the wall. One of the newer delinquents who recently joined that punk group did the same to a other girl for no apperant reason, just to fit in. This started to spread, the girls were starting to get beat up and no one dares to intervene.

Spellcaster shouts: "Stop it!"

Getting their attention, one of them walks towards her. She stands firm and remembers a attack spell. Say tries to chant it but is interrupted by a push to the ground.

There she tries again quickly and says in English: "Reach out to the sun, ignite your wax wings, fall like Icarus."

In an instant, a burst of flames are aimed forward. She smiles at first thinking "I did it!
Then, she notices everything is burning. Not just the delinquents, her friends, the teachers that were rushing over in the distance, students in classrooms, everything. The fire spread at a horrific speed. Wings appear and float at her back, it looks like slowly melting metal.

Her eyes widen, she cannot stop the flames. She tries to reach for her burning friends but just burns her hands instead. Forced to listen to the screams and burning bodies of everyone in the school. She collapses.

From all the burning people, ashes cover the shocked girl. It starts dissapearing in her hair as it turns black. The side effect of a fire spell, forced to carry the ashes of your victims in your hair.

And with every life that fades, her eyes turn more and more Violet. Every kill that is made would change a spellcaster's eyes. So other casters would immediantly be able to indentify a killer. Crimson red being a large scale murderer.

Many magical spells work like this, like a karma system. They effect the caster's apperance. Usually the most revealing parts like eyes,hair,skin. So they are publicly recognised as a threat for others.

The wings start to fall apart..once it completely dissapears, all flames dissapear in an instant.
A moment of silence...then the building collapses.

Once the firemen arrived, everything was black and collapsed to the ground. They were stunned and confussed.They find a girl in the rubble, badly wounded from the collapsing building.

The Journey:
World concept: When you die, it takes a hundered years to be reborn. However when you are killed by a magician, his or her magic can damage your soul. Being reborn can take up to a thousand years.

Concept: The girl find out about a few locations where she could revive those she burned to death. She decides to not rest until all those souls can be revived.

Spellcaster (current)
School Uniform:

Casual outfit:

Traces of a Dream Soundtrack:

Track 0: Opening ~Lion~
Track 1: Lion Full.
Track 2: Here we go!
Track 3: Never show that you're weak
Track 4: Come back to my life
Track 5: The girl with the Violet eyes
Track 6: The Crimson eyes
Track 7: Resolve
Track 8: Sacrifice
Track 9: Looking back
Track 10: I killed your friend, come at me bro
Track 11: VILLAIN
Track 12: VILLAIN Duet
Track 13: ALUMIC
Track 14: The one with Honest eyes
Track 15: The way it is
Track 16: JUSTICE
Track 17: The loss of life
Track 18: Full power
Track 19: MAD
Track 20: Peacefull
Track 21: A certain magical asshole
Track 22: The girl with the knife
Track 23: Ending ~Eternal~

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Re: Traces of a Dream (A WIP World)

Post  Octie♥ on Mon Oct 03, 2011 1:34 am

I like the setting, it's an interesting take on the "mortal vs magician" genre.

The rebirth cycle idea is interesting. Do people retain their memories when they're reborn, and are they the same person? Or is it the equivalent of reincarnation and they step into a new life?

The locations where she has to go to revive the dead, I wonder what kind of places those will be. Shrines, or ceremonial grounds? Or pretty much randomly select places? Or even hidden places that have to be unveiled by some kind of magic? The latter is pretty cliche, but still a nice idea. I'd imagine she needs things to revive her friends anyway, so it'd be part of her quest to obtain the things she needs, right?

I was thinking about who would make a good companion for her if she sets off on this quest. My initial thought was another girl that is in a similar situation; they have violet eyes, have accidentally caused a massacre and wish to revive people. But maybe that's too similar. But I couldn't imagine anyone with eyes at a lower level than violet daring to approach Rin, unless they were completely at loss of sanity (maybe).

I did come up with a profile for such a character who would go with her...Perhaps her intentions covered up or completely hidden from Rin till a later time (once I think of something xD ):

Mimasuya Eiko
Age: 16

Concept: A girl afflicted with a curse put upon her by another spell-caster. She was cursed to become invisible to all people who have never used magic. However, once every 12 hours, a random person she encounters will see her. However, upon being sighted by the random non-magical person, it will send her into a killing frenzy. She usually takes her kitchen knife and proceeds to mutilate and dismember the person, only regaining senses when the person is dead. Because of this, she has killed a lot of people. Her desire is to revive her parents who fell victim to her frenzy, and to get revenge on the spell-caster who afflicted such a curse on her.

Powers: None, but she is afflicted by the "Oni's Belligerence" Curse

Personality: She's a quiet person, but is generally friendly towards people she meets (if she doesn't frenzy). She likes being friendly and polite, but isn't used to becoming close to people because of the nature of her curse. She often fears the safety of others and becomes obsessively modest. Her trail of thoughts tend to drag out a lot when it comes to decision making and/or other circumstances, and this ends up causing whatever sparked off her trail of thought to move on without her coming to a conclusion yet.
In her frenzy state, she becomes a sadistic, cruel and overwhelming individual. She doesn't even use words to torment her victims; she merely hits them were it hurts the most to knock them down, and continue to cripple them in parts where it hurts but doesn't threaten their life, to see how long they can endure before they finally give in and perish. Only once the life has been taken, does she regain her senses and despair over what she has done. This hasn't stopped her curious personality, however, for every time a normal person sees her, she doesn't hide for she often suspects them to be a magic-user (much to her dismay).

History: She was just a normal school-kid beforehand, who had intentions to become an author. She liked reading and writing mystery/fantasy novels beforehand, and a few love fantasies too. Then one day, as she walked home from an evening library visit, she was attacked by a hulk of a man, who chanted a series of indescribable phrases. Before long, she felt a striking pain in her head, and the man disappeared; she only caught a glimpse of his face...Or whatever concealed it. A bystander came to assist her all of a sudden, for she was on the ground clutching her head....She then took out her thick Sherlock Holmes Omnibus, and beat the poor guy to death with it. He didn't even scream; she knocked him out with the corner of the hard-cover book and then beat his head into an utter red mess. She realized what had happened, and was paralyzed with fear. A policeman came and investigated the body, shocked as she was as she sat right next to him...The policeman took the book and called for back-up; Eiko slipped away unnoticed.
Soon enough, she realized what had happened. The chants of that man from before had cursed her to become an invisible presence to everyone...So she thought. She hasn't fully grasped the fact a normal person can see her every now and again...She always thinks that they are magic-users, and pays for her naivety. And so she wanders on, oblivious to the truth of her curse, actively seeking magic-users in hopes of finding a way to lift it...Leaving a trail of dismembered, mutilated corpses in her wake.



I imagined it'd work like, a whole lot of people have purple/violet eyes, then a number have that color thats between red and purple (dark pink?), a select few notorious individuals have red eyes, and then the one big bad with the true crimson eyes.

All and all, it seems like a very nice idea and it would be interesting to start it as an RP ;o
I await to see what other thoughts you come up with.

EDIT: A planned theme song for Eiko-chan

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Re: Traces of a Dream (A WIP World)

Post  Who on Mon Oct 03, 2011 5:54 am

QUICK SKETCH, will improve once inspiration system hits.

Before Rin's story. The story of the previous generation, how the current "Crimson" came to exist.

A magic story has it's usual cliches. The big bad guy, the good guy and his allies.

We skip how this story was build up, the main good guy defeats the big bad guy. A victory. But his allies sacrificed their power to the main good guy. But the victory was only shortly celibrated.

The ALUMIC, a group of twelve strongest magicians that define the rules of the world. A church of magic, appeared infront of him. Expecting a wonderfull speech and relaxation, the allies and hero smile at them. As the ALUMIC annihilate the bunch with a combined surprise attack.. The hero could not fight back, as he was heavily wounded from the final boss.

The hero, now the strongest in the world. Escaped death alone, his allies were instantly killed. He traveled to revive locations to make sure they were reborn correctly, this took less than a day. Being the strongest has it's benifits.

The ALMUIC did not stay they threaten him to murder his daughter and wife. The Hero was a married man, a young couple during his travels to become the strongest. The hero rushed to the scene, asking for reason.

ALUMIC: The last time we left someone this strong, he threatened to destroy us and the world of magic.. We are gratefull for your help in defeating that woman, but we will end the cycle here. You are still weak from the fight, we will take our oppertunity. You and your family wil be erased from history, the ALUMIC saves the world."

They killed the wife and daughter.

The Hero snapped, shouted as loud as he can and to the ALUMIC's horror, he unleashed one of the most strongest spells in existance. ALUMIC miscalculated on something, the reason why the Hero was so strong in the first place is because he could absorb the ability of those that he defeated. One of his enemies, could regenerate health fast.

He basicly nuked them, the ALUMIC, the country, the Church of Magic. Blown to ashes.

The Hero, who had gold eyes. Now has become known as "The Crimson"


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Re: Traces of a Dream (A WIP World)

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