Common Rumors

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Common Rumors

Post  Homu on Sat Mar 31, 2012 2:44 pm

Here come common unconfirmed rumors.

Here's a few of them. Do feel free to add your own.

School Rumors

First week (School start)

"Katsuta from <the class number> has a crush on Iranda, the new girl?!"

"Mr.Mikk and Miss Claire possibly involved in a romantic relationship..?"

"The red caps's leader is a student in this school.."

"There's always a girl near the edge of the roof, apperantly she almost jumped at one point."

Second week (Camping trip)

"Brian and Nina in love? They have at least spent a lot of time together."

"Brent lost a race against a soldier; is he getting slow?"

"Eve seemed very happy. What on Earth can be happening?"

"Katsuta and Iranda have been much together as well. Are the earlier rumors true?"

"Ethan has mentioned Eve online; are they chatting on the web?"

"Nina sleeping in a tent with three men, is she some kind of lustful girl? She spoke about sexual things earlier too.."

"Iranda and Eve shared tents at camp, and now Iranda invites Eve for a sleepover. What's going on with those two? And since when did Eve get so much attention?"

"Brian was exhausted the last day of camp. What happened in that tent?"

[Several other rumors regarding yet unnamed characters]

City Rumors

First week (School start)

"The Network are recruiting everyone! Apperantly you'll get a text message with a offer to join!"

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