Tochikura Suzuko

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Tochikura Suzuko

Post  Homu on Thu Jan 05, 2012 6:06 am

Tochikura Suzuko

Age: 16
Birthday: 1st of september
Gender: Female
Occupation: Schoolgirl
Residence: A rather gloomy industrial district in Tokyo
Height: 147 cm
Weight: around 44 kilos


Before. She was quite depressed usually. Living in the ugly factory district.

The district.

And after. Note how the art style change symbolizes how she gained a different visual view of the world.

Happy Suzuko

Bonus: Younger and happier.

Personality: Formery gloomy, now cheerful. But the gloomyness is merely hidden beneath.

Weapons: A staff that when swung will release rockets out of nowhere. It can also cause an explosion on impact. She can summon rockets, that are like surreal fireworks rockets of different sizes , color and decorations. The staff itself can be used as a rocket aswell (this is how she moves, like a witch on a broom).

Abilities: <SECRET>

Hobbies & Talents: Daydreaming. Talents: being gloomy. Having unusual ideas.


Favorite Food: ?
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Animal: Parrots, and the like.
Favorite Music: ???
Favorite Color: No preference.
Soul Gem color: All colors (White)
Symbol: stylized eye?
Witch Kill Count: 6
Wish: "My wish is to see everything in my own definition of beauty"
Time as Magical Girl: A few weeks


Super Amazing Spoiler Theme That Will Utterly Spoil Everything And Rape Your Mind Forever And Beyond

The staff she uses. Brown instead of Blue

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